Hidden Tree 1996-2005

Hidden Tree 1996-2005


The old Hidden Tree first opened in Beijing in June 1996 as one of the first independent Western Bars around. Although the de/reconstruction of Beijing has meant the Hidden Tree bar on Sanlitun Nanjie no longer exists, The Tree has uprooted and moved to the North Bar Street.

The Tree

The Tree

The Tree

The Tree is now in the heart of the Sanlitun nightlife area, but just hidden away to avoid the seedy side of Houjie. There were designs to move the existing wood fired pizza oven to the new location, but instead a new one was built and the pizzas are as popular now as they ever were.But more importantly The Tree has increased its stock of Belgium Beer.

It is an excellent place to come during the summer to relax and try refreshing Belgian Beer in the courtyard.It is also a popular place during the winter with its warm friendly interior, wood fired Pizza Oven and local art on the walls from Randolf.

Belgian Beer Paradide


A Beer Paradise

Belgium offers a unique range of beers having the most contrasting tastes and flavours. Nowhere else in the world can you find a larger choice of regional, authentic and colourful beers. The Belgian managed Tree has always striven to introduce a unique range of exciting and different Belgian Beers to all. Perhaps you are a confirmed beer lover or you are keen on tasting something new. Or maybe you never realised that Belgium boasts the largest range of distinctly different beers and labels in the world.


The next pages give more info on the Speciality Belgian Beers on offer in The Tree as well as pictures, past events, directions to the Sanlitun Bar street and the bar menu so you can decide what you want before you even arrive!

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旧隐树第一次在北京开幕,作为第一个独立的西酒吧之一,在1996年6月左右。 虽然德/北京重建意味着对三里屯南街不再存在隐藏的树吧,有关树木连根拔起,迁移到北酒吧街。